Photo by Riccardo Annandale on Unsplash

Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

Photo by Jukan Tateisi on Unsplash

Photo by Alexander Dummer on Unsplash

I count outcomes, assets and progress, not hours. Photo by Brad Neathery on Unsplash

Nope, I don’t have a crystal ball to foresee the future either…Photo by Yeshi Kangrang on Unsplash

In my cases “Next 4 Quarters”. Photo by Fabien Bazanegue on Unsplash

Building a company is great. But nobody said it was going to be easy. Photo by Mukuko Studio on Unsplash

Tools should always work FOR you, not the other way around. Photo by Jo Szczepanska on Unsplash

Talk to real people first. Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Manuel Hartmann

Founder SalesPlaybook, Switzerland's Sales Accelerator for B2B entrepreneurs to grow revenues by 100-400% per year.

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